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Nov 8, 2012 5:30am EST
at the battle to combat smart technology could be putting you at risk. risk. 18:50:49"i knewwwhat was going down then they surrounded me" it was a terrifying enccuuttr at this towson apaatment compllx last year.a teen accosted by a gang of men 18:53:29"i was ery scaaed"men who kkocked him to ground, and broke his jaw18::1;01"thye were stomping my face"the proteetiin because one of his assaillnts is at large, is &pstill hhunted y the attack. 18:51:56"i feel hat it's going to happen again all the timeebbt he's evennmore troublld about why theethieves sinnled him out in the irst place...his iphone18:51:22 "they knew it was the phone they thought it was the phone and that'' whh they assaulted me"it'ssa crime that's becoming more common.violent rooberies aiied at smart phone users. 18:35:27"anything that is high value, thieves could potennially uss to pawn." last week two teenn knocked a man to the ground in broad dayllnght right across the street from the towson courthouse. their target, his smart phone.18:37:100if you're out in publli maae sure that if omeone aaprooahs yyu and wants tt take
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1